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A guide to nutritious outdoor food

Why freeze-dried fruits are best snacks for hiking, camping, family picnics or other outdoor activities? Embark on a journey to discover the wonders of freeze-dried fruits – let them be your high energy snacks for hiking, trekking and other outdoor adventure. These snacks are not only lightweight and nutritious but also packed with flavour, making them an essential addition to any outdoor adventure.

This article will explore why freeze-dried fruits are a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Also, we will provide a few examples of tasty usage of freeze-dried food for camping and hiking – natural and real outdoor food.

What is freeze-dried food?

The science behind freeze-dried food: preserving nature’s goodness – let’s start from the beginning. Freeze-dried food is a marvel of modern food technology. The process, known as lyophilisation, involves freezing the food and then reducing the surrounding pressure, allowing the frozen water in the food to change directly from solid to gas. This method keeps about 95% of the nutrients intact and maintains the food’s natural colour, flavour, and texture – this is why freeze-dried fruits are better than dried fruits.

Comparing: dried fruits vs freeze-dried fruits

While dried fruits are a common snack, freeze-dried fruits are superior snacks for hiking, trekking, camping and other outdoor activities. We are sure that freeze-dried fruits are best hiking food – they triumph over dried fruits in many ways. Traditional drying methods involve high temperatures diminishing nutrients and altering taste and texture, whereas the freeze-drying process preserves these qualities. Moreover, freeze-dried fruits are lighter – a critical factor for hikers and campers. Simply, freeze dried food while hiking and camping is the perfect choice.

Snacks for hiking - why choose freeze-dried fruits?

Hiking and camping enthusiasts understand the importance of packing efficiently. Especially during hiking nutrition, convenience, and weight are critical factors in choosing food for the trails. These are the main reason why freeze-dried fruits are the best food to take while camping and hiking.

7 benefits of freeze-dried fruits as best snacks for hiking and camping

  1. Lightweight and portable food: ideal for backpacking, where every ounce matters

    Freeze dried food
    is lightweight and portable which means it is perfect for backpackers mindful of weight. The essence of hiking and camping is to explore without being weighed down. Freeze-dried fruits are incredibly lightweight because the freeze-drying process removes about 98% of their water content. This significant reduction in weight makes them perfect for backpackers who need to manage their load effectively. You can carry a variety of fruits without adding significant weight to your backpack, ensuring a diverse, healthy, nutritious and enjoyable diet and delicious hiking snacks even on long treks.

  2. Nutrient-rich: packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants

    Nutrition is vital when you’re expending energy on the trail. Freeze-dried fruits retain most of their vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which are essential for sustaining energy levels, muscle health, and overall well-being during intense activities. Unlike other drying methods, freeze-drying process preserves the nutritional content of fruits, making them a powerhouse of essential nutrients in a highly concentrated form. The nutritional content in such a compact form is another reason why freeze-dried fruits are the best snacks for hiking.


  3. Long shelf life: perfect for extended trips without access to fresh produce

    Long shelf life is another
    benefit of freeze-dried fruits as the perfect snacks for trekking – especially on long trips when you are away from fresh food sources. The longevity of food is a key consideration for campers and hikers. Freeze-dried fruits have an extended shelf life due to the removal of moisture, which is a primary cause of food spoilage. These fruits can last for months, even years, without refrigeration, making them a reliable food source for extended trips, especially in remote areas where access to fresh produce is limited.

    Remember! Freeze-dried food is highly hygroscopic. After opening packaging, always remember to close it tightly as soon as possible – it helps to protect the content from air and humidity, and thus spoilage.


  4. Hassle-free and easy-to-prepare

    camping and hiking, freeze-dried food guarantees hassle-free preparation of your meal. The convenience of food preparation is a luxury in the wild. Freeze-dried fruits for hiking require no preparation or cleaning, making them a hassle-free option. There’s no need to worry about bruising or spoilage, and you don’t have to deal with the waste and mess associated with fresh fruits. This no-fuss approach allows more time for enjoying the outdoor experience.

  5. Versatile usage: enjoy freeze dried fruits as they are or rehydrated

    The adaptability of
    freeze-dried food adds an enjoyable variety to camping meals. While hiking or camping, freeze-dried fruits can be eaten straight from the pack as a crunchy and nutritious hiking snack or rehydrated to approximate the taste and texture of fresh fruits. Freeze-dried fruits can be added to morning cereals, mixed into trail mixes, or used as ingredients in campsite cooking, offering a delightful burst of flavour and nutrition in various forms.

  6. Space-efficient: takes up minimal room, leaving space for other essentials

    Packing efficiently is crucial for outdoor excursions.
    Freeze-dried fruits, especially in their powder form, are compact and occupy minimal space, allowing more room for other essential gear. The reduced volume and flexible packaging conform to any space, making them ideal for tightly packed backpacks.

  7. Natural & instant energy source

    Maintaining energy levels is crucial for active endeavours, especially
    in hiking. Freeze-dried fruits provide a quick and natural energy boost. The dehydration process concentrates the fruits’ natural sugars, offering an immediate source of carbohydrates for quick fuel. This is why these lightweight and nutritious fruits are becoming an increasingly popular choice as high-energy snacks for hiking. This instant energy is vital for hikers and campers who need to replenish their energy reserves regularly throughout the day.

7 Examples of using freeze-dried food for camping and hiking

Freeze-dried fruits, vegetables and herbs are a strategic choice for hikers and campers. They offer a perfect balance of convenience, nutrition, and lightweight packaging, making them an essential part of any outdoor adventure. With these benefits, you can be sure that your outdoor experiences are enjoyable, healthy, and hassle-free. Whether it’s a mountain trek, a trail walk, or a family picnic, freeze-dried fruits enhance your outdoor eating experience. Give them a try on your next adventure – simply enjoy freeze-dried food while hiking and camping and experience the difference!

You can creatively use freeze-dried fruits in outdoor activities in many ways:

  1. Direct snacking: a refreshing hiking snacks

    Freeze-dried fruits are perfect as quick, refreshing and healthy snacks for hiking and trekking. Their intense flavour and crunch make them a delightful snack on their own. In our customers’ opinion the best hiking snacks from our range of freeze-dried fruits are:

    If you are going to take your child with you for trekking, choosing freeze-dried fruits you can be sure that you give your child a healthy snack. Kids love the most:

  2. Breakfast boost

    You can use freeze dried fruits as a healthy addition to your morning porridge, granola, cereal or yoghurt. Adding for example freeze dried wild blueberry, freeze-dried sour-cherry, freeze dried mango or freeze-dried blackberry to your breakfast not only enhances the taste but also boosts the nutritional value, giving you a great start to an active day.

  3. Nutrient-rich power shake

    Create your very own shake, bursting with nutrients and instant energy, by using a powder form of freeze-dried fruits. Options such as freeze-dried banana powder, freeze-dried raspberry powder, freeze-dried wild blueberry powder, or freeze-dried strawberry powder are perfect for this. Simply add them to water, shake well, and your nutrient-rich shake is ready to enjoy!

    Looking for a green shake while hiking? Simply add freeze-dried kale powder or freeze-dried spinach powder to your shake. Freeze-dried beetroot powder also tastes great in a shake. Don’t just take our word for it – try it yourself!

  4. Trail mixes

    Another great way to use freeze-dried fruits in hiking is to create your energy blend with nuts and seeds. Simply incorporate your favourite freeze-dried fruits, such as freeze-dried apples, freeze-dried raspberries, or freeze-dried pineapple, into your trail mix to make it both delicious and nutritious.

  5. Immunity-boosting tea: a blend of vitamin-rich freeze-dried fruits

    Create your special tea or drink with anti-inflammatory properties, rich in vitamins and other nutrients, by adding fruits that are abundant in vitamin C. Options like freeze-dried cranberries, freeze-dried blackcurrant, freeze-dried chokeberry, freeze-dried orange, and freeze-dried redcurrant offer a healthful boost to your beverage.

  6. Rehydrate freeze-dried fruits with water

    Rehydrating freeze-dried fruits
    like raspberry, peach, or plum can bring a fresh fruit experience to your camping meals. This process is perfect for adding a vibrant burst of flavour and texture to your camping salads or desserts. The rehydration not only revives the fruits but also brings out their natural sweetness and juiciness, making your outdoor meals more enjoyable and refreshing.

  7. Outdoor cooking

    Incorporating freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, and herbs into your camping recipes is a fantastic way to infuse your meals with both nutrients and exceptional flavour. These ingredients not only rehydrate quickly but also blend seamlessly with other components, offering a convenient and fuss-free approach to enhancing your outdoor culinary experiences. Whether you’re preparing a hearty breakfast to greet the sunrise or a comforting dinner under the stars, these freeze-dried additions transform every meal into a memorable outdoor dining adventure.

In summary, freeze-dried fruits are an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking convenience, nutrition, and variety. Whether you’re scaling mountains, exploring trails, or enjoying a family picnic, our range of freeze-dried fruits, freeze-dried vegetables and freeze-dried herbs is here to enhance your outdoor dining experience. Try them on your next adventure (e.g. as nutritious hiking snacks) and taste the difference!

Embrace the convenience, nutritional value and taste of freeze-dried fruits & explore our diverse selection of freeze-dried food for camping and hiking!

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