Freeze Dried Organic Mango Chunks



Pack: 100g/500g
Ingredients: 100% organic mango
Country of origin: Peru

100% natural and real food! The product is free from added sugar, sulphur, preservatives, artificial colours or flavourings, gluten-free, raw, vegan, GMO-free and is not irradiated.

Freeze-dried mango nutritional values

Begin your morning splendidly with this tropical, sweet fruit! We select only the freshest organic mangoes to guarantee the excellence of our products. These organic mangoes are diced and processed, utilising freeze-drying technology, to amplify their nutritional values, flavour, and freshness. Enjoy our cubed organic mangoes as a delightful snack throughout your day! Fancy them as a topping instead? They wonderfully complement yoghurts, milk, and shakes, and are also a fantastic addition to your baking!

We pick only the finest, wholesome mango and freeze-dry it, in order to preserve their original flavour and nutritional content.

Healty Future zip lock
Important! Freeze-dried products are highly hygroscopic. After opening packaging with freeze-dried products, packaging must be tightly closed in order to preserve it, thus protecting it from air and humidity.

Why should you eat mango?

Mango is the quintessence of exotic flavours, radiating a rich and unmistakable sweetness that is uniquely its own. It’s a transformative ingredient in a myriad of foods such as ice creams, desserts, jams, alcoholic beverages, and even pickles, imparting a tropical, delectable twist every time. Globally, mango-infused desserts are soaring in popularity annually. However, cuisines like the Indian and Bengali have long embraced mango in savoury dishes like curries, beef, burgers, and hot sauces, showcasing its versatility. The delightful combination of sweet and salty mango, like a fragrant soy sauce-glazed variant, promises to invigorate your salads with a special twist.

Let’s pivot our attention to the incredible health benefits of mangoes. Beyond their sweet, fruity allure, they are renowned for their abundant vitamin B9 (folacin) content, a crucial component of our daily diet. Folacin plays a vital role in hormonal balance, neurological well-being, and overall cardiovascular health, and it is exceptionally important during pregnancy.

Despite their allure, fresh mangoes can be costly and scarce in certain seasons like winter and spring. And while canned options fall short of freshness, our freeze-dried organic mango emerges as a triumphant choice. It seamlessly integrates into your breakfast, pairing delightfully with shakes, smoothies, cereals, or pancakes. For the adventurous palate, explore its potential as a purée or jam, unlocking exotic dimensions in your baking experiments. The culinary horizon is boundless with our lyophilized mango cubes!

Healthy Future 2 pouches
Created with you and your loved ones in mind, each whole fruit bag contains 2 empty durable zip-locked pouches inside. So you can share the content with others!

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