Freeze Dried Banana Slices

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Pack: 100g/500g
Ingredients: 100% banana
Country of origin: Columbia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Cameroon, Brazil

100% natural and real food! The product is free from added sugar, sulphur, preservatives, artificial colours or flavourings, gluten-free, raw, vegan, GMO-free and is not irradiated.

Freeze-dried bananas nutritional values

Bananas are a delightful and nutritious choice for both kids and adults. Perfect as a standalone snack or as a flavourful addition to various dishes, they enhance the taste of milkshakes, breakfast smoothies, cereals, yoghurts, and fruit bowls. Especially when paired with other freeze-dried fruits like freeze-dried wild blueberries or freeze-dried dragon fruit, bananas become an even more delectable and vitamin-rich option.

Bananas are a fantastic source of instant energy, which is essential for brain and muscle function. This makes them an ideal snack for boosting concentration during studying or providing energy during workouts. Unique among fruits, bananas offer both calcium and protein.

Interestingly, bananas have more potassium than tomatoes, aiding in blood pressure regulation and supporting heart health and the entire cardiovascular system. They also play a crucial role in preventing lifestyle-related diseases.

Bananas not only enhance nutrient absorption but also regulate digestive system functions. They are beneficial in treating anaemia, soothing stomach ulcers, bolstering immunity, alleviating diarrhoea in children, and assisting in weight management.

We pick only the finest, wholesome bananas and freeze-dry them, in order to preserve their original flavour and nutritional content.

Healty Future zip lock
Important! Freeze-dried products are highly hygroscopic. After opening packaging with freeze-dried products, packaging must be tightly closed in order to preserve it, thus protecting it from air and humidity.

Why should we eat bananas?

Freeze-dried banana slices are incredibly delicious! A ripe banana is not only sweet but also satisfyingly filling. Its soft texture is easy on the stomach and intestines. Rarely causing allergies, bananas are often one of the first fruits introduced in baby foods.

Bananas improve oxygenation in the blood and strengthen the nervous and immune systems. They also aid in body hydration and are beneficial for those on weight loss diets.

Rich in beneficial compounds like carotenoids and phenolic compounds, bananas help prevent chronic illnesses and slow down aging by effectively combating free radicals. They are also useful in alleviating depression and anxiety, thanks to their content of tryptophan, which helps produce serotonin, the ‘happiness hormone’.

Healthy Future 2 pouches
Created with you and your loved ones in mind, each whole fruit bag contains 2 empty durable zip-locked pouches inside. So you can share the content with others!

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