Freeze Dried Sour Cherry Whole

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Pack: 100g/500g
Ingredients: 100% sour cherries
Country of origin: Poland

100% natural and real food! The product is free from added sugar, sulphur, preservatives, artificial colours or flavourings, gluten-free, raw, vegan, GMO-free and is not irradiated.

Freeze-dried sour cherries nutritional values

Sour cherries boast a relatively high nutritional density, encompassing essential nutrients and potent biologically active phytochemicals. For instance, cyanidin, a flavonoid present in sour cherries, exhibits a potency superior to aspirin, without manifesting adverse side effects. Our freeze-dried sour cherries make for a delightful snack, bursting with flavour and a delectable sweetness.

Historically, in the realm of traditional folk medicine, sour cherries have been heralded for their medicinal properties, utilised to enhance digestion, fortify the lungs, treat kidney stones, and assuage inflammation, muscle discomfort, and bladder ailments.

Consistent consumption of sour cherries may play a significant role in diminishing the risk of succumbing to various chronic inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer. Additionally, the intake of sour cherries can have a beneficial impact on sleep quality, cognitive function, mood, blood lipid profiles, and expedite the body’s regeneration process following strenuous exercise.

We pick only the finest, wholesome sour cherries and freeze-dry them, in order to preserve their original flavour and nutritional content.

Healty Future zip lock
Important! Freeze-dried products are highly hygroscopic. After opening packaging with freeze-dried products, packaging must be tightly closed in order to preserve it, thus protecting it from air and humidity.

Why should we eat sour cherries?

Sour cherries are abundant in robust antioxidants, predominantly anthocyanins. As measured by the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity scale (ORAC), 100 g of seedless sour cherries register 3500 ORAC units, which is notably impressive!

Antioxidants serve as a shield against cancer, decelerate the ageing trajectory, and extend both mental and physical vigour. They bolster the entire body and combat inflammation. Anthocyanins play a crucial role in rejuvenating the vision of individuals operating in suboptimal lighting conditions.

The anti-inflammatory attributes of sour cherries might offer a defensive mechanism against pain and muscle deterioration during and post-exercise. Consuming sour cherries pre and post-workout could deter muscle discomfort and further expedite the recuperation phase post-exercise.

Incorporating sour cherries into one’s diet purifies the blood, promotes blood synthesis (countering anaemia), invigorates the immune system and skeletal structure, optimises metabolism, and enhances appetite.

Sour cherries are enriched with natural melatonin, a potent antioxidant that alleviates inflammation, rejuvenates the body, and modulates the sleep-wake cycle, thereby aiding sleep and combatting insomnia. Another component, Inositol, referred to as “vitamin B8”, forestalls the greying of hair.

Best heart support
Consuming sour cherries fortifies the heart, provides a shield against cardiovascular ailments, and obstructs atherosclerotic shifts. Furthermore, sour cherries diminish blood pressure and curtail cholesterol levels, particularly the LDL fraction. The presence of coumarin in these fruits lessens blood clotting, making them particularly beneficial for individuals recovering from heart attacks or strokes. They also play a pivotal role in orchestrating genes responsible for fat and glucose metabolism, offering additional cardiac benefits. Additionally, the fruit acids in sour cherries activate metabolism and bolster digestion. Due to pectin content, toxins are purged from nearly every segment of the digestive system.

Anti-inflammatory effect
Sour cherry juice offers therapeutic benefits in addressing inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, owing to its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to ease expectoration. Recognised for their diuretic properties, sour cherries are endorsed for alleviating urinary tract ailments like cystitis or kidney stones. The compounds present in sour cherries buttress bones, minimise joint inflammation and discomfort, and are utilised in managing gout. They restrict the genesis and activity of pro-inflammatory agents at the cellular magnitude.

Freeze-dried sour cherry in the kitchen
Freeze-dried sour cherries serve as an impeccable ingredient for culinary endeavours, balancing the sweetness in dishes, pastries, tarts, muffins, desserts, or ice creams. The compounds within sour cherries may curtail the synthesis of carcinogenic substances from ingested food. Thus, having freeze-dried sour cherries readily accessible is beneficial – either as an additive for baking and cooking or as a standalone energising snack for school or the workplace!

Healthy Future 2 pouches
Created with you and your loved ones in mind, each whole fruit bag contains 2 empty durable zip-locked pouches inside. So you can share the content with others!

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