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Freeze dried fruits

Fruits, vegetables and herbs are very important components of our diet. They contain not only vitamins, minerals, and fibre, but also other biologically active substances which have antiviral, antibiotic, anti-mould and antifungal properties.

We offer fruits, vegetables and herbs dehydrated using the freeze-dried technique especially because of their mixture of nutritional content, convenience and prolonged shelf life.

Freeze-dried fruits, vegetables and herbs are a great alternative when the season for our favourite fresh products is over – they are available all year round!

By removing water from the product, it becomes very light and has an extended shelf life. Obviously, it allows for easier transportation and storage. And yet the most amazing property of the freeze-drying method is that it keeps the nutritional value practically unchanged. That means that our freeze-dried products do not need any artificial colouring, food enhancers or preservatives. They are still bursting with flavour and are filled to the brim with original nutrients!

Freeze dried fruits

Fresh fruits, picked straight from the orchards when perfectly ripened, then freeze-dried – can be found in our pouches also in the form of fruit dust. Freeze-dried fruits can be eaten solo as a snack, as well as ideally suited as an ingredient for porridge, yoghurt, chocolate, pancakes or most baked goods. They will turn every meal into a colourful feast for the eyes and taste.

Freeze-dried fruits are perfect for a trip, holidays, picnic, or as an immediate and emergency snack during a busy day – for you and your loved ones! Just put the fruits into our compact and protective pouches and keep it in your purse, your child’s backpack or your husband’s briefcase – just in case of being starving! The comfortable package with zip lock allows you to enjoy the full taste this delicious, healthy and crunchy snack.

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