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Freeze dried powders

Fruits, veggies and herbs play a significant role in our diet. They contain minerals, vitamins and fibre, and – what is more important – other biologically active substances which have antibiotic, antiviral, anti-mould and antifungal properties.

Freeze-dried fruits, veggies and herbs are a perfect alternative when the season for fresh products is over – they are available all year round!

The product becomes very light and has an extended shelf life as water is removed from it. Our freeze-dried products do not need any artificial colouring, food enhancers or preservatives. The freeze-dried form allows for easier storage and transportation. And yet the most amazing fact of the freeze-drying method is that the freeze-dried product keeps the nutritional value practically unchanged. That means that they are still bursting with flavour and are filled to the brim with original nutrients!

Freeze dried powders

Before freeze-drying, fresh product is picked only when is perfectly ripened. In the freeze-dried form, freeze dried fruits and freeze dried veggies can be found  also in the form of dust (powder).

Freeze-dried powders are very convenient in cooking and baking. Freeze dried fruits powder are a perfect ingredient for smoothie, ice cream and whipping cream. On the other hand, freeze dried veg powder is a great and instant ingredient for green smoothies, sauces, soups, rice and pasta dishes.

Both of them (freeze dried fruits powder and freeze dried veggies powder) are used very often as a natural colourant while baking and cooking!

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