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Sour cherries are a “bomb” of vitamins and minerals. They are valued especially for their remarkable antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential, being a treasure of various phytochemicals, such as anthocyanins, flavonoids, flavanols, procyanidins and phenolic acids. Sour cherry is one of the “primary” fruits – it has not changed much in almost 2,300 years of breeding. As the traces discovered by archaeologists and written records indicate, sour cherry was grown as early as the 3rd century BC.

In folk medicine, this fruit was a very popular medicine – sour cherries have been used to improve digestion, strengthen the lungs, treat kidney stones, or alleviate inflammation, muscle pain and bladder diseases. Taking into account the results of the research carried out so far, it is believed that the regular consuming of sour cherries can protect against the development of numerous chronic diseases, including: cardiovascular, neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, cancer and arthritis.

Why should we eat sour cherries?

Sour cherries contain a high dose of strong antioxidants, especially anthocyanins. According to the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale, 100 g of seedless sour cherries have as many as 3500 ORAC points. Antioxidants slow down the aging process, protect against cancer, and prolong physical and mental performance. They help fight inflammation, strengthen the entire body. Anthocyanins improve visual acuity and significantly contribute to the regeneration of eyesight of people working in poor lighting.

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of sour cherries may have a protective effect against muscle damage and pain during and after exercises. Consuming sour cherries before and after training can prevent muscle sores and accelerate the process of post-workout regeneration. A diet rich in sour cherries prevents anaemia (supports blood production), cleanses the blood, strengthens bones and immune system, improves appetite and metabolism.

Freeze-dried sour cherries are perfect ingredient for cooking and baking!

Sour cherry - health properties

Sour cherries:

  • keep the body in good shape and slow down the formation of wrinkles;
  • lower the temperature and thin the mucus from inflammation of the respiratory tract;
  • prevent anaemia, increase the level of haemoglobin in the blood;
  • improve appetite and metabolism;
  • reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack;
  • have a positive effect on the skin;
  • have strong anti-cancer properties;
  • has a strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect (helpful in diseases of the joints and gout);
  • improve the quality of sleep due to the content of melatonin;
  • regulate fat and glucose metabolism;
  • cleanse the blood;
  • have a positive effect on mental health, support nervous system;
  • stimulate digestion and bowel movements, cleanse the large intestines, releasing from constipation.

Freeze-dried sour cherries nutritional values

Sour cherries are:

  • low in calories and rich in nutrients (high nutritional density);
  • source of vitamins: C, A, E, K, B1, B2, B3 (PP), B6, B8, B9;
  • source of minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, zinc, copper;
  • rich in pectins which bind and excrete toxic compounds from the body and lower the level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • a good source of fibre;
  • a good source of potassium, tryptophan, serotonin and melatonin;
  • a source of very strong antioxidants – they slow down the aging process, prolong physical and mental performance, help fight inflammation, lower the level of LDL cholesterol;
  • a natural remedy for heart diseases;
  • rich in vitamin C which strengthens the immune system, protects against infections.
Healthy Future Sour Cherry

Antioxidant protection

Sour cherries contain powerful antioxidants such as anthocyanins and cyanidin. These compounds give the fruit an intense colour – the darker the cherries, the better for health, because they contain a higher concentration of these substances. One study found that the antioxidant properties of these substances are superior to that of vitamin E.
The anthocyanins contained in cherries have a strong anti-inflammatory effect – they slow down the aging process and protect against cancer. Also, cyanidin is more potent than aspirin, without showing any side effects.
Sour cherries also contain quercetin and melatonin, which are also very powerful antioxidants. You can read more about these two compounds later in this article.

Sour cherries and analgesic effect

Thanks to the content of strong antioxidants (mainly anthocyanidins) sour cherries are so effective in helping to reduce inflammation and pain caused by inflammation (painkiller). According to the researchers, their ability to relieve pain relies on the inhibition of the activity and production of pro-inflammatory factors at the cellular level.
Most traditional anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g. aspirin or ibuprofen) work in a similar way – they block the activity of cyclooxygenase (COX), so the body does not signal pain and inflammation. The analgesic effectiveness of sour cherries in the conducted studies was comparable with ibuprofen and naproxen.

Eye regeneration

Sour cherries, thanks to the presence of anthocyanins, affect visual acuity. Anthocyanins affect the flexibility and permeability of capillaries, especially those in the iris. This means that they accelerate the regeneration process of the visual pigment – rhodopsin, which is necessary to register the light falling on the retina. This means that sour cherries significantly contribute to the regeneration of eyesight of people working in poor lighting.

Sour cherries and circulatory system

Protection of the heart and circulatory system

Sour cherries reduce the likelihood of heart and circulatory system diseases (e.g. atherosclerosis, heart attack or stroke). Folk tradition has always attributed heart-protecting properties to sour cherries, which is confirmed in today’s research.

These fruits support the work of the cardiovascular system thanks to the content of several compounds:
anthocyanins increase the elasticity of capillaries, have a positive effect on the production of red blood cells, strengthen and detoxify the heart;
potassium works to protect the heart and lowers blood pressure;
vitamin C seals the blood vessels;
fibre lowers the level of LDL cholesterol.

In addition, eating sour cherries can reduce the amount of belly fat – the fat that is often associated with cardiovascular disease.
Substances in sour cherries can activate PPARs (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors) in the body’s tissues. This helps to regulate the genes responsible for the metabolism of fats and glucose. This gene activation may help reduce the risk of heart disease, and research suggests eating sour cherries may provide similar benefits to the heart as prescription drugs called PPAR agonists.

We pick only the finest, wholesome sour cherries and freeze-dry them, in order to preserve their original flavour and nutritional content.

Sour cherries and coumarin

A beneficial effect on the heart

Coumarins contained in sour cherries effectively reduce blood clotting, therefore they are recommended for people with cardiovascular problems, especially after a heart attack or stroke. With regular consumption of sour cherries, chest pains decrease, and the work of the heart is balanced.
In addition, coumarin has a calming effect, relaxes smooth muscles, as well as relieves pain and reduces swelling. Also, research shows that it can be used in the treatment of vegetative neuroses with symptoms of spasm.
Interestingly, coumarin inhibits the growth of all bacteria, viruses (including HIV) and fungi. It has a lethal effect on protozoa and mites. People who are concerned about candidosis should eat sour cherries regularly as coumarins also act as plant pesticides.

Sour cherries and anti-inflammatory properties

The substances contained in sour cherries have strong anti-inflammatory properties – they reduce fever, soothe pain in muscles and joints. They also improve the absorption of drugs.
Due to the high concentration of bioactive phytochemicals with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, the regular inclusion of sour cherries in the diet supports maintaining good health condition and protects against the development of numerous chronic inflammatory diseases, including arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer.

Sour cherries and joint pain

Sour cherries contain many anti-inflammatory compounds, so they can help reduce joint inflammation, which means reducing joint pain caused by inflammation.
In addition, the substances contained in sour cherries reduce the level of nitric oxide, C-reactive protein and the level of uric acid – factors associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.
Research shows significantly reduced markers of inflammation in people who consume sour cherries. According to the researchers, tart cherries have “the highest anti-inflammatory efficacy of any food“.

Sour cherries and gout

Sour cherries are very helpful for gout. This disease is a form of arthritis associated with an abnormal high level of uric acid in the blood.
Gout occurs when the metabolic processes that control the amount of uric acid in the blood do not go smoothly. Stiffness and swelling are the result of an excess of uric acid crystals accumulating in the joints, and the pain associated with this condition is caused by the body’s inflammatory response to these crystals. The substances contained in sour cherries inhibit the activity of the enzyme involved in the production of uric acid.

Clinical studies have shown that consuming about 250 g of fresh sour cherries a day is very effective in reducing uric acid levels and preventing gout attacks. Other studies have shown that the consumption of sour cherries by people with gout significantly lowered the risk of a subsequent gout attack, and if it did occur, the intensity of the attack was lower.

Faster recovery after physical exercises

Exercise causes oxidative stress, inflammation and the associated short-term reduction in muscle strength and exercise capacity, which is technically termed delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS).
Scientists believe that the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of sour cherries may have a protective effect against muscle damage and pain during exercise. Eating sour cherries relieves muscle pain after intense physical exercise, and also speeds up the process of post-workout regeneration. The inflammation associated with systematic exercise is also reduced.

Sour cherry and anti-cancer properties

Sour cherries contain an ample amount of antioxidants, being an effective tool in the prevention of cancer. Antioxidants destroy free radicals, thus alleviating inflammation, delaying the aging process of the body and protecting the body against civilization diseases, including tumours.

Due to the high content of antioxidants, sour cherries were placed on the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) list. According to the ORAC scale, 100g of seedless sour cherries has as much as 3500 ORAC points – a very good result.

The potential anti-cancer properties of sour cherries are mainly due to their anthocyanin content. Studies have shown that these compounds stop the multiplication of cancer cells and the apoptosis (death) of mutant cells. In addition, these compounds reduce the risk of healthy cells turning into cancerous cells.
Additionally, sour cherries contain perillyl alcohol (POH), a natural ingredient that appears to be extremely effective in reducing all types of cancer. Research suggests that perillyl alcohol stops cancer cells from growing by depriving them of the proteins they need to reproduce.

Moreover, the substances in sour cherries can reduce the production of toxic, carcinogenic chemicals from the food you eat. The dietary fibre contained in sour cherries helps to further reduce the risk of developing colorectal/colon cancer.

Sour cherries and melatonin

Sour cherries and sleep improvement

Sour cherries are a source of melatonin, a hormone that regulates the body’s daily cycle of activity – the sleep-wake cycle. Consuming these fruits on a regular basis can help you fall asleep, increase sleep efficiency and help your body regenerate while you sleep.

Melatonin is produced naturally by the human body through the pineal gland, based on the body’s cyclic signals of light (day) and dark (night). However, many factors present in everyday life disturb the secretion of melatonin in the right dose, hence more and more people have problems falling asleep and regenerating sleep.

Research shows that eating sour cherries effectively raises the level of melatonin in the body and improves the quality of sleep, extends total sleep time and improves the regeneration of the body during sleep. Sour cherries can also help with sleep disorders related to changing time zones.

Scientists confirm that the melatonin contained in sour cherries is a healthier alternative to supplements that contain melatonin and are intended for people suffering from insomnia of various origins.

Melatonin - a powerful antioxidant

In addition to sleep improvement and regenerating the body during the night, melatonin has several other important functions in the body. It is a powerful antioxidant, a substance that soothes inflammation, removes free radicals and the associated oxidative stress. It has anti-cancer and anti-aging properties. It slows down the process of sagging skin and the development of dementia processes related to old age.

Inositol - vitamin B8

Sour cherry contains inositol, known as “vitamin B8”, which prevents greying. A small amount of vitamin inositol is synthesized in the intestines by the bacterial flora, but it is not sufficient to cover the body’s needs. It is therefore necessary to provide it with food. Inositol also has a positive effect on the excretion of cholesterol from the body.

Urinary tract support

Sour cherries are diuretic due to their potassium and sodium content. For this reason, they are recommended as an aid in the treatment of urinary tract diseases, for example cystitis or kidney stones.

Diabetic friendly

Sour cherries have a low glycaemic index. This means that they do not cause large spikes and drops in blood glucose levels. So, they can be a good snack for people with diabetes. Thanks to their antioxidant properties, they reduce the risk of damage to the body caused by spikes in blood glucose levels.

Weight-loss support

Sour cherries are low in calories and high in nutrients. For this reason, they are a desirable component of a slimming diet. In addition, they are a rich source of pectin – a soluble dietary fibre which increases its volume combining with water and fills the stomach for a long time, giving you a feeling of fullness.
Pectin also accelerates metabolism and detoxifies. In addition, it helps to lower the level of triglycerides, bad cholesterol and protects against hypertension, which are often conditions affecting overweight people.
The substances contained in sour cherries also help burn fat on the belly.

Faddish eater food

Cherries, due to the high content of fruit acids, stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes and saliva, and thus – improve the appetite. For this reason, paediatricians recommend giving them to faddish eaters.

Digestive system support

The fruit acids contained in sour cherries stimulate metabolism and improve digestion. In addition, they soothe nausea. Pectins contained in sour cherries also play a significant role – they have the ability to bind toxins and remove them from the body.

Sour cherries - contraindications and side effects

Special care should be taken in case of gastric and / or duodenal ulcers, when eating sour cherries. Cherries intended for consumption should not be rotten. Such fruits contain carcinogenic moulds, mycotoxins, which can cause acute poisoning, allergies or the development of mycosis.

There are very harmful cyanogenic substances (prussian acid compounds) in the sour cherry stones. Just swallowing a cherry stone is not dangerous to your health. It will simply be expelled. It is more dangerous to break it or chew it, which can happen among children and pets.

By choosing our freeze-dried sour cherries, you can be sure that each fruit is healthy, the top quality, fully ripe and pitted/stones free.

Freeze-dried sour cherries in the kitchen

Sour cherries are perfect ingredients for cooking and baking. They perfectly reduce the sweetness of some dishes, cakes, tarts, muffins, dessert or ice cream. You can make compote, fruit soup, jelly, sweet rolls from freeze-dried cherries, serve as an addition to pork or poultry when thoroughly stewed, and also make a tasty Sunday cake.

The compounds contained in sour cherries can also reduce the production of carcinogenic chemicals from the food you eat. Therefore, it is worth having freeze-dried sour cherry always at hand – as an addition for baking and cooking, or an independent energy snack to school or work!

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