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Freeze dried herbs

Fruits, vegetables and herbs are very important components of our diet. They contain not only vitamins, minerals, and fibre, but also other biologically active substances which have antiviral, antibiotic, anti-mould and antifungal properties.
We offer fruits, vegetables and herbs dehydrated using the freeze-dried technique especially because of their mixture of nutritional content, convenience and prolonged shelf life.

Freeze dried herbs

Freeze-dried vegetables, especially in their powder form, are amazing ingredients of smoothies and soups. While preparing a meal for your children, you can easily hide those highly nutritious and healing compounds practically unnoticeable. Powder freeze-dried kale and beetroot are also very useful in the kitchen as they thicken the soup in very gently way.
The taste and aroma of freeze-dried chive and dill cannot be compared to the dried ones. They are amazingly savoury and rich in their natural fragrances. Basically, freeze-dried herbs are perfect ingredients to every dish – pizzas, pasta, pastries, potatoes, bread, soups, rice meals etc.

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