Organic Vegan Milk-Free Fudge Various Flavours 100% Natural Ingredients

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Our goal was to prepare sweets that would be healthy, allergen-free, organic and vegan at the same time. That is how we created our wide assortment of creamy, delightful fudges. Each one of them filled to the brim with one of these flavors: banana, coconut, strawberry, cranberry, cocoa or toffee. Based on coconut milk and sugar, these snacks have plenty of minerals and nutritional value, as well as dietary fiber. Not only that, but we also removed cow’s milk and glucose/fructose syrup, making these fudges the best choice for your healthy lifestyle!

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Jamo Packaging Solutions
X Traditional Sweets Organic Fudges
X Contain white sugar – sometimes as much as 60% - 75%
This means empty calories and no nutritional value
Contain coconut sugar which has the most minerals
and vitamins among all the different kinds of sugar
X Are mainly made from refined ingredients which have virtually
no valuable microelements
Due to the use of natural, minimally processed ingredients, they are a valuable source of minerals
X After eating a large amount of sweets, white sugar may cause attacks
of drowsiness or extreme hunger pangs
Coconut sugar simply supplies a large dose of energy which lasts for longer
X Contain cow’s milk and consequently – lactose and caseinDo not contain cow’s milk hence, therefore no lactose and no casein. This is an ideal product for people who have allergic to lactose or who wish to avoid dairy products
X Contain glucose/fructose syrup known to be one
of the key causes of obesity
Do not contain glucose/fructose syrup
X No dietary fibreRich in dietary fibre
X Are mainly made from hydrogenated vegetable fat, including palm oil,
which often contains trans fats, which are harmful for our h