Freeze Dried Dill - 100% Natural, No...
Freeze Dried Dill - 100% Natural, No...

Freeze Dried Dill - 100% Natural, No added sugar, No Preservatives

Spice up your cooking game with the fresh taste of dill all year long! This freeze-dried dill is specially selected, prepared and packaged in order to increase its shelf life, without sacrificing their flavor or aroma. The appearance, vivid color and nutritional values are completely unchanged, making this lyophilized herb amazing addition to both culinary experiments and everyday cooking!

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Nutritional values

EnergyFat (saturates)Carbohydrate (sugars)FibreProteinSalt
1244 kJ/298 kcal 5,6 g (1,4 g) 21,7 g (12,9 g) 31,8g 26,5 g 0,62g

Summer is a season filled with natural, refreshing flavours  – and one of them, pairing perfectly with a lot of summertime dishes, is dill. This vibrant green, aromatic herb is extremely popular in many cuisines around the world, as it has a distinct, strong and punchy flavour. It pairs delightfully with fish - grilled, poached or even fried! Unique taste of dill is also a great compliment to a creamy sauces or creative, fresh salads and dressings. Or perhaps you prefer pickles? Dill is a must in a strong, flavorful pickling liquid, allowing your cucumbers or radishes to fully take on the fantastic fragrance and taste of this herby mixture. But dill is also a big deal when it comes to its benefits! It is a very nutrient-dense herb, with extremely high amounts of antioxidants, including flavonoids, tannins and terpenoids. These three groups of natural chemicals help our body to protect against free radicals (which may lead to cancer), but also ensure our cardiovascular health and allows us to secure a proper blood pressure. If all of these cardiovascular benefits weren’t enough, dill is also shown to help with lowering blood sugar, making it a great choice for people with high sugar levels in their bodies. While dill is a seasonal herb, with our freeze-drying technology you can enjoy it benefits, unique flavour and delicious aroma all year round!

What is freeze-drying?

Freeze Dried Fruit is dried at reduced pressure so very low temperatures can be used. As a result the fruit keeps a flavour profile and nutrient values very similar to fresh fruit. The process also reduces the moisture content almost to zero so freeze dried fruit works very well in confectionery, chocolate, fudge, icings, frosting, baked goods and as decorations and snacks.

Why should I choose freeze-dryied products?

When using freeze-drying, there is no need to use any chemicals or preservatives, and virtually 100% of biologically valuable substances of products are saved. For example if drying usual way the remaining amount of vitamin C is only about 40% when freezing is up to 85%, when freeze-drying – 98%. Another advantage of freeze-drying – the raw material retains its original shape, and the texture becomes specific, crispy and fluffy.

For example, freeze-dried strawberry is a crispy berry, its size, colour and chemical composition does not change. However, it is 10 times lighter, because there is no water in berry which usually contains about 90% in strawberry. If strawberry submerged in water it re-hydrates and becomes like fresh unfrozen strawberry.For years freeze drying was used for space food and pharmaceuticals. But we bring it to people now to discover new, smarter and fully nutritious food they love!

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