Freeze Dried Cranberries - 100%...
Freeze Dried Cranberries - 100%...
Freeze Dried Cranberries - 100%...
Freeze Dried Cranberries - 100%...

Freeze Dried Cranberries - 100% Natural, No added sugar, No Preservatives

Cranberries are usually available dried or as a sauce. We want to offer you our freeze-dried halves of these fruits, which are prepared and packaged in moisture-proof sachets in order to preserve their nutritional value, flavor and freshness. These appetizing berries are perfect to improve and mix your food routine. Their original, natural taste and sweetness are great additives to your cookies or protein shake. Additionally, they make for great snack by itself!

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Nutritional values

EnergyFat (saturates)Carbohydrate (sugars)FibreProteinSaltForm
1349 kJ/321 kcal 0,8 g (<0,1 g) 58,0 g (33,2 g) 35,1 g 3,1 g 0,04 g Halfs

Some fruits, like strawberries, pineapples or grapes, are instantly connected to summer vibes. Cranberries, on the other hand, are commonly enjoyed in the winter time, as their most popular applications are tied to Christmas and Thanksgiving dishes and sauces. On the other hand, their zesty yet sweet flavour is widely sought after as an ingredient in baking bread or muffins, but also as a fantastic addition to cocktails or compotes. From Cosmopolitan to cranberry sauce – these delicious fruits are quite amazing with their variety of uses! But if you think that amazing taste and tradition is all there is to cranberries, you couldn’t be more wrong. While they are full of vitamins – and are amazing source of vitamin E as well as manganese! – cranberries are mostly recognized for being an astounding source of flavonols and quercetin. Both of these compounds are a group of chemicals known as polyphenols – naturally occurring substances, that are characterized  by their antioxidant properties. Consuming cranberries, either fresh or processed, can positively influence your immune system, reduce the negative effects of aging and even help in cancer prevention! On top of that, cranberries are widely known as being effective in preventing UTIs – urinary tract infections. All of these benefits of fresh berries can still be found in their freeze dried form that we offer you – after all, the preservative process of lyophilisation only removes water and helps keeping the fruit fresh and delicious. In other words – you can enjoy all of the positives of a fresh cranberry without the worry of spoilage. Now your sauces, jellies, jams and muffins can be made and enjoyed all year long! 

What is freeze-drying?

Freeze Dried Fruit is dried at reduced pressure so very low temperatures can be used. As a result the fruit keeps a flavour profile and nutrient values very similar to fresh fruit. The process also reduces the moisture content almost to zero so freeze dried fruit works very well in confectionery, chocolate, fudge, icings, frosting, baked goods and as decorations and snacks.

Why should I choose freeze-dryied products?

When using freeze-drying, there is no need to use any chemicals or preservatives, and virtually 100% of biologically valuable substances of products are saved. For example if drying usual way the remaining amount of vitamin C is only about 40% when freezing is up to 85%, when freeze-drying – 98%. Another advantage of freeze-drying – the raw material retains its original shape, and the texture becomes specific, crispy and fluffy.

For example, freeze-dried strawberry is a crispy berry, its size, colour and chemical composition does not change. However, it is 10 times lighter, because there is no water in berry which usually contains about 90% in strawberry. If strawberry submerged in water it re-hydrates and becomes like fresh unfrozen strawberry.For years freeze drying was used for space food and pharmaceuticals. But we bring it to people now to discover new, smarter and fully nutritious food they love!

Where to use freeze-dried products?

It is all in your imagination! Our fruits can be used in morning porridge, smoothies, protein shakes, breakfast cereal, yogurts, ice-cream, cooking cakes … you name it. Our range of honey is perfect sweet treat and can be eaten alone or with other food.

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