Freeze Dried Chive - 100% Natural, No...
Freeze Dried Chive - 100% Natural, No...

Freeze Dried Chive - 100% Natural, No added sugar, No Preservatives

From pasta dishes to salads, from soups to omelettes – just a pinch of chopped chives will add amazing, fresh and tart taste to them! With these freeze-dried chives your kitchen will always be stocked with aromatic herbs, ready to spice up your everyday cooking. Process of freeze-drying does not remove any nutrients or vitamins from them, but instead prolong their shelf life and allows you to enjoy the aroma, taste and fresh crisp of chives the whole year!

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Nutritional values

EnergyFat (saturates)Carbohydrate (sugars)FibreProteinSalt
1352 kJ/323 kcal 4,2 g (1 g) 34,0 g (21,8 g) 30,8g 21,9 g 0,02g

When we talk about herbs, it’s almost impossible to forget about chives. With mild taste, similar to fresh onion, incredible fragrance and delightful crispiness, these green herbs are a perfect addition to many classic dishes.  It adds a delicious, one of a kind crispiness and herbal freshness to whatever you mix with it. Whether we are talking about a colourful salad, full of fresh vegetables, fruits and tasty dressings, or a hearty, homemade fully loaded baked potato, savoury pancakes, chilli con carne, cottage cheese… the sky is the limit when it comes to utilizing this amazing herb. But there are packed with much more than just refreshing flavour! They are a very nutrient-dense food – in other words, they have low calorie content, but are also very rich in vitamins, antioxidants and microelements. The most notable among them is the content of vitamin K – fresh chives have about  5% of daily recommended value of vitamin K in just a tablespoon! With high levels  of vitamins C and B9, chives can be a real gold mine of health benefits in every bite. Our freeze dried chives are selected from only the best, fresh chives, chopped and prepared in a way that they do not lose their crispiness, nutritional content or taste; in other words, you can enjoy their exciting, sharp flavour and all of the nutritional benefits no matter the season!

What is freeze-drying?

Freeze Dried Fruit is dried at reduced pressure so very low temperatures can be used. As a result the fruit keeps a flavour profile and nutrient values very similar to fresh fruit. The process also reduces the moisture content almost to zero so freeze dried fruit works very well in confectionery, chocolate, fudge, icings, frosting, baked goods and as decorations and snacks.

Why should I choose freeze-dryied products?

When using freeze-drying, there is no need to use any chemicals or preservatives, and virtually 100% of biologically valuable substances of products are saved. For example if drying usual way the remaining amount of vitamin C is only about 40% when freezing is up to 85%, when freeze-drying – 98%. Another advantage of freeze-drying – the raw material retains its original shape, and the texture becomes specific, crispy and fluffy.

For example, freeze-dried strawberry is a crispy berry, its size, colour and chemical composition does not change. However, it is 10 times lighter, because there is no water in berry which usually contains about 90% in strawberry. If strawberry submerged in water it re-hydrates and becomes like fresh unfrozen strawberry.For years freeze drying was used for space food and pharmaceuticals. But we bring it to people now to discover new, smarter and fully nutritious food they love!

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