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Responsible snacking? Yes, it’s possible!

Responsible snacking? Yes, it’s possible!

Nowadays, more and more people are trying to change the way they live. They seek healthy substitutes for their food, educate themselves in terms of used ingredients and the entire food processing industry. Obesity is a huge concern in our society, diabetes touch more and more people every year, allergies are now common and as widespread as sensitivity to some ingredients like lactose or gluten. While some people are obliged to eat accordingly to their diet, due to their health conditions and illnesses, there is an increasing group of people who want to live healthily, taking care of their bodies in order to maintain them on the highest level of performance. Our broadening understanding of our aging mechanisms and how does different types of diet – like Mediterranean or low-carb – change our body functions and influence our health. Then, there is another group – environmentalists, animal lovers and the entire community supporting living in symbiosis with nature, instead of ransacking it in industrial fashion. They promote vegetarianism and veganism, seeking their way to lower their impact on nature itself, not abusing or even completely eliminating any animal-based products from their lives.

Responsible snacking? Yes, it’s possible!

We are aware that there are as many points of view as there are people in the world. Members of each and every group listed above are looking for healthy and green substitutes for their everyday cravings. But we are aware that it is not only about searching for the best possible solutions for yourself, but also about feeling good! That is why we would like to introduce you to Super Fudgio – a family of eco-friendly, healthy and vegan sweets of different kinds, able to satisfy any of your sweet-tooth cravings. Their mission is clean and simple: to offer everyone delicious, healthy sweets and to gradually change the eating habits of people all around the world for good. What is there not to love? By combining their love for taste and flavorful food with their passion for changing the world for better, we obtained a lovely fruit of their labor in form of various, diverse yet always delectable treats.

Who said that organic can’t be tasty?

Super Fudgio created a wonderful family of many different products, each of them available in different flavors. Their first batch of sweets, from which the name of the company came, are Super Fudgio – creamy, milk-free fudges, basing on coconut milk, which you can buy in banana, cocoa, coconut, toffee, cranberry or strawberry flavors. If you instead prefer to opt for palm oil free, gluten- and dairy-free vegan spread, how about checking out Super Spreads, coming in different mixes with cocoa: strawberry, hazelnut, orange or pistachio. You can also try toffee bars, perfect for a sweet snack on the go, which they produce in banana, cacao,             mango, orange, strawberry and cranberry flavor. Last, but surely not least, there are three distinctive types of dairy free, vegan chocolate: orange, strawberry or coconut milk.

Responsible snacking, healthier lifestyle

Yes, we know – they all sound tasty and delicious, but what about their ingredients? We know that they surely focus on the quality first. Gluten (a term describing for proteins, which are to be found in the seeds of some grains, such as wheat, rye and barley) is completely absent in those products, making them perfect for people on special diets or struggling with celiac disease. All of their products also substituted cow milk for coconut milk. This allows for people that are lactose or casein intolerant to still enjoy those fantastic treats without concern for their health! Not only that, but also by eliminating this ingredient, those products are also completely vegan, because they are not based on any animal product. Coconut sugar, the replacement for a classic white sugar, has much more vitamins and minerals. It also eliminates the need for adding glucose-fructose syrup, which is – as far as we know – one of the main contributors to obesity nowadays. They also include a much smaller amount of trans fats and cholesterol, due to changing palm oil in their recipes for coconut fat. Finally – they make sure that their plant ingredients come from organic, sustainable farming.

Now, with all of those benefits listed above, how could you turn down such a fantastic snack? Healthy, eco-friendly, organic, diet friendly – Super Fudgio is surely a sweet to check out. Feel free to browse their catalogue to find out which healthy treat you will try next time!

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