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Freeze dried fruits - so many ways to use them!

Freeze dried fruits - so many ways to use them!

As we take the stroll down the shop aisles, we may notice that there is an increasing variety in the available products each year. Customers seek not only innovation in terms of different types of cuisine, tastes and spices – although we cannot deny the importance of their never-ending search for novelty. High quality instant food, molecular and fusion gastronomy – these are all results of that mindset. But for today, let us talk about the amazing invention of our times – freeze dried fruits.

Out with the water, in with longevity!

Freeze drying, also known as lyophilisation, is a process of dehydration of the material in low temperatures. Where usually we would heat it up, in order to evaporate the water inside, in this process we freeze the product before lowering the pressure, and finally remove the ice by the process of sublimation (that is, transforming the ice directly to the gas phase). The process described above is widely used to prepare non-perishable foods in a specific way.When we utilize it to process fruits, the results are outstanding. Obviously, the most important factor is the longevity of the product. Dehydrating it in the vacuum allows for extremely long shelf life, as long as they are stored in the proper manner. But there are many other benefits that we should present! We are able to retain most of the nutrients packed inside, as well as the bright, vivid, natural color. Unfortunately, if we were to do it by the means of classic, heat-based dehydration, the result might degrade in quality, due to the delicate structure of most of the fruits. We can also use the berries either in still dried form, or rehydrate it beforehand. While they make for tasty, healthier substitute for potato chips, we invite you for a flavorful adventure, filled to the brim with creativity, where our dehydrated delights play the main role!

Fruity pancakes, flavorful muffins

Nothing beats the freshly baked muffins, stuffed with sweet, juicy berries. Fortunately for us, these are no longer seasonal – you can get them prepackaged all year long! How about a mix of raspberries and blueberries hidden inside the muffin batter? Nothing simpler – just mix them in it before baking! Be sure to experiment – after putting mango pieces inside I could not stop eating them! Are you not into muffins? How about pancakes instead! Those warm, delicious treats can surely be enhanced by a handful of raspberries mixed in, instead of slathering them with maple syrup!

Smoothies and drinks and yogurts – oh my!

Thinking about starting new day with a healthy drink? How about a smoothie with a handful of dehydrated banana slices tossed in? Blending is swift, simple and brings out the banana flavor, making you ready for another day of adventures! Or perhaps you would like to satisfy your curiosity by tasting the freshly prepared strawberry milk? It is not only a treat for your taste buds, but for your eyes as well – these berries make for a vivid, natural food coloring when mixed in their powdered form! For the yogurt I would actually suggest using entire berries or smaller pieces – they are will soften while soaked, making for a refreshing combination of flavors and textures!

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