Freeze Dried Strawberries

Who doesn’t love a refreshing, delicious and sweet taste of a strawberry? These red fruits are beloved by people of all ages, eaten in a plethora of forms. From cakes and smoothies to fruit salads and jams – strawberries have a wide array of uses, and all of them are delicious. Their strong, sweet aroma makes both kids and adults long for summertime, just to munch of these tasty berries. But there is more than meets the eye when it comes to eating them! They’re packed with all sort of amazing compounds and nutrients – and completely natural sugars are just a start! Strawberries are rich in vitamins – especially vitamin C! – and manganese, making them much better than any processed snack. On top of that, they are a great source of flavonoids and other polyphenols. Both of these compounds have strong antioxidant properties and help to protect your body from negative effects of aging processes and can help in cancer prevention. Back in the day strawberries were a seasonal treat, but nowadays, thanks to the freeze drying technology, you can experience their complex, sweet-sour taste any time of the year. This process allows us to bring you tasty, fragrant and punchy strawberries, without sacrificing any of these qualities. Now you can make colourful and delicious desserts, breakfasts and snacks every time you have craving for that fantastic, strawberry taste!

Freeze Dried Peaches

If you are looking for a healthy snack or fat-free dessert, search no further! Fresh peaches are not only filled to the brim with sweet, refreshing flavour, but are also extremely versatile when it comes to their usage. Classic oatmeal or cereal goes great with cubed peaches, but who would turn down a jar of homemade jam or a refreshing cocktail  with such fruity punch? And it goes beyond just sweets and snacks, as there are multiple recipes that combine roasted meat with sweetness of fruits – and peach is one of the most popular ones! But versatility is surely not the only positive trait of these fantastic fruits – they are also healthy and nutritious! Among other popular fruits they are an exceptional source of vitamin A, but their vitamin C content is also quite high. In addition to that, peaches are also packed full of antioxidants - namely polyphenols and rutin. They serve as natural protection against aging processes and help preventing cancer, making them extremely important in everyday dietary choices. More ripe peaches have more antioxidants than unripe ones – and that is why we made sure to select fruits that are at optimal age, ripe, fresh and delightful. Thanks to the process of freeze drying, you can now enjoy them all year long, without need to sacrifice their nutritional content or delightful, sweet taste. Our cubed peaches will surely make a perfect addition to your kitchen, no matter how you use them!

Freeze Dried Wild Blueberries

Nowadays blueberries might be considered a mixture of tradition and modern lifestyle. They were considered a delicious snack for many years – blueberry jam is an amazing companion to a warm toast for breakfast, jellies are loved for dessert and baked goods, such as muffins, pies or cupcakes are always made better with their addition. On the other hand, blueberries are now widely recognized as a rustic superfood, due to their amazing phytochemical composition! Anthocyanins and polyphenols are strong antioxidants – these compounds are well-recognized for helping to prevent cancer, as well as slowing the aging processes. Blueberries are a rich source of these chemicals, which means that they don’t just boost the flavour of your snacks, but also helps to boost your immunity system and protect your body from harmful changes. These fruits are also a great source of vitamins, especially C and K, and are a great source of manganese, required by our bodies to maintain our bones and joints properly. We wanted you to be able to experience these tasty treats all year long, so thanks to the freeze drying process, you can now enhance your desserts, smoothies and muffins any time you want. And the best part? All of that without sacrificing flavour or freshness of the blueberries!

Freeze Dried Raspberries

There are not many fruits that can bring the memories of summer quite like sweet, plump and juicy raspberries. They are a classic  treat, whether eaten as fresh berries, in patisseries and cakes, smoothies, ice cream or even fruit salads! Their sweet and slightly tangy flavour is unrivalled, and transfer great as an ingredient in cooking and baking. On top of that, raspberries are not just delicious, but also great in terms of nutritional values and health benefits! The amount of fiber in a single berry (up to 6% of the total weight!) is one of the highest known in all of the whole unprocessed, unrefined plant foods. Dietary fiber is not digested by our bodies, but instead it normalizes bowel movements, helps maintaining gut biome and lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels. With such high levels of fiber, raspberries are a great addition to your morning cereal or smoothie to boost your metabolism and lift your mood with a tasty treat! On top of that these fruits have incredibly high amount of vitamin C and manganese, and have low glycemic index. All of these characteristics makes them more than just a delicious snack, but also a healthy alternative to other processed junk foods! Raspberries were always a refreshing delicacy of a midsummer but now, thanks to the technology of freeze drying, they are not only available all year round, but also specially preserved to make sure you can always add that special taste to your everyday cooking. We select only the freshest, highest quality berries to undergo this preservation, so that your desserts, cakes and oatmeals can be refreshing and filled with nutritious and healthy berries any time you wish for it!

Freeze Dried Blackberries

There are many fruits that have multiple uses, yet few of them are quite as versatile as blackberries. Blackberry, whether wild or specially cultivated, is an amazing example of how natural treats can be both delicious and healthy at the same time. Dietary fiber, which is necessary for proper bowel movements and stabilizing our gut flora, can be found in abundance in these sweet fruits. On top of that, they are also rich in both vitamins C and K, which are necessary for ensuring proper growth and maintenance of our bodies. Add high levels of manganese and folic acid and you can see that these berries are packing a healthy punch! Finally, they are filled to the brim with anthocyanins, which are naturally helping in protecting your body against aging, cancer and enhance your immunity system. All of these benefits are easily transferred into many different types of food that utilizes blackberries! These summer treats are incredibly popular in desserts, ice cream or smoothies. But on the other hand, why not add them to your everyday meals like oatmeal or cereal? Or pies, crumbles, jellies, shakes… with these freeze dried blackberries, your possibilities are truly endless! Additionally, you do not need to worry about them being seasonal – thanks to the process of lyophilisation, you can enjoy them any season, all year round, making these fruits a perfect way to punch up your culinary delicacies any time you wish for it.

Freeze Dried Blackcurrant

When you think of summer fruits, you usually associate them with sweet, refreshing taste, like raspberries, watermelon or mango. But sometimes you crave something different - like a tart, punchy and delicious blackcurrant! These fruits are a perfect mixture of sweet and sour, delivering both on unique taste and healthy, nutritional composition. After all, blackcurrant is very popular for how their taste can influence a wide array of dishes. Because of their acidity and pectin content, they are great for jams and jellies – but a purée is also a common choice, due to the intense flavour and aroma. Such preserves are then added to cheesecakes, desserts, ice cream and sorbets. But perhaps you prefer to add this tartness to something savoury? There are many sauces around the world that uses blackcurrants, but they also compose surprisingly great with rich, dark meat, like venison. Then there are, of course, alcohols. From wine to cordials, from infused vodkas to mixes of blackcurrant juice and beer – this fruit has it all. But there is so much more to them than just unique taste! They are extremely rich in vitamin C, as 100 grams of fruit delivers 181 mg – so 218% of daily recommended intake of this vitamin! It’s also rich in manganese (vital in metabolism of amino acids and cholesterol, as well as balancing our carbohydrates digestion) and have high iron content, making them fantastic addition to a balanced diet of someone taking care of their health. All that healthy deliciousness is now available in freeze dried form, where all of these traits are still available for us to enjoy, without the need to worry about the season. Now you do not have to seek fresh blackcurrants only in summer, but you can step up your culinary game any day of the year!

Freeze Dried Sour Cherries

A classic pie. Ice cream. Smoothie. Jelly. Jam. Tarts, cakes, infused liquors… Cherries are as versatile as they are tasty. And they taste absolutely delicious. Sweet and juicy, delightfully filled to the brim with flavour, these fruits are a summer favourite for many. Some munch on them like a snack, others prefer preserving or mushing them – each and every one of these ways is a great idea for introducing more cherries into your kitchen. They are not just delightful treats, but are also healthy and natural alternative to more processed snacks. They have high content of vitamins C and A, helping to maintain your body in good shape and minimize the effects of aging. On top of that, they contain beta-carotene, which is known for its provitamin A activity – in other words, they allow our bodies to synthesize more vitamin A! Despite all of these benefits, they can be a bit of a hassle to eat. That is why we offer to you pitted and halved cherries, minimizing the amount of work you need to do in order to prepare your pies, cakes and shakes. Additionally, because we freeze dry our cherries, we can offer them to you no matter the season, since they don’t lose freshness, taste or that amazing aroma. They don’t even lose their nutritional value, as all of the positive traits listed above are still found in these freeze dried fruits. So don’t wait for the seasonal cherries to pop in at your store or go for tinned ones – instead, try these amazing, flavorful and delightfully fresh fruits!

Freeze Dried Pineapples

Pineapples are neither pines nor apples, but instead are incredibly complex, delicious, golden fruits that are an epitome of summertime. Of course, their arrival on pizza is one of the most polarizing events in the world, but why should we restraint ourselves to only that? With unique flavour and an aroma to match, these fantastic fruits are an easy and tasty way to add an exotic twist on your culinary experiences. Fruit salads are a staple of any summer meeting or barbeque, but they are also widely used – as a juice, purée or straight up chunks –as ingredients in many desserts, sweets or even alcoholic drinks! Piña coladas, tarts, jams, tropical kebabs… the possibilities are limitless when it comes to preparing and enjoying these delectable fruits! But we know that you don’t get quite the same flavour and aroma from tinned pineapples; on the other hand, you can only get the fresh fruit in a very limited time window. Fortunately, we offer you the best way to enjoy pineapples hassle-free: our freeze dried fruits allow you to not compromise on taste or aroma, but instead enjoy the sweet, golden delicacy of pineapples any time of the year. You no longer have to worry about it being overripe or going dry after a while; use and enjoy these lyophilized cubes to enhance flavour and even get healthier. After all, pineapples are amazing source of vitamin C and manganese – over 40% of a daily recommended intake value in just 100 grams of this delicious fruit!

Freeze Dried Banana Cubes

If you are thinking about tropical and exotic flavours, there is nothing more symbolic than a fresh, delightful, tasty banana! Once only a summertime, foreign delicacy, and now an ubiquitous symbol of holidays, these amazing fruits are famous throughout the world for their incredible mixture of nutritional value, versatility in cooking and beautiful presentation. Of course, everyone knows how a banana looks like – and similarly, a large group of people knows about how these fruits are a great source of potassium! After all, potassium is a vital element in our diet, as it helps in fluid balance regulation, nerve signalling and securing proper blood pressure. In addition to that, potassium-rich diet – which is extremely easy if you incorporate bananas into it! – helps in preventing kidney stones and osteoporosis, making them not just a quick snack, but also a proper healthy treat. Throw vitamin B6 and add some dietary fiber to the mix and you will soon see why bananas are so popular with both kids and adults alike. Bananas tend to have a pretty narrow window when their ripeness is just right – otherwise, when they are either still green or already start browning, their consistency and flavour are not quite right. Our freeze dried banana cubes work around this problem, as they keep the natural aroma, taste and nutritional values of a fresh banana, but allows you to use them at any time, without having to plan your cooking and snacking around their availability!

Freeze Dried Chokeberries

While the name isn’t exactly inviting, a chokeberry is an incredible fruit, extremely popular in European cuisine. Its tart, refreshing taste and sweet aroma makes it an incredible option for so many different foods! With a taste being gently similar to blackcurrant, you may instantly gravitate toward the idea of turning them to a juice or a healthy, colourful smoothie. On the other hand, a handful of them let you step up your breakfast game with berry-filled oatmeal or sprinkled on top of pancakes. A chokeberry puree can also be enjoyed in a variety of baked goods, from cakes to muffins, or just turned into a jam to be enjoyed on a fresh toast. No matter how you want to enjoy them, you just have to remember that chokeberries are more than just summery aroma and tart, powerful flavour! They are packed full of healthy nutrients – as you might have guessed from their rich, deep purple colour. It is thanks to the extremely high content of polyphenols, which are a naturally occurring chemical compounds, which helps to protect our bodies from negative effects of UV light, aging processes and can even help our bodies to protect against cancer. All of these benefits can be found in our freeze dried chokeberries, which allows us to enjoy these tasty fruits no matter the season and time of the year. They are always available, without any losses to its taste or nutritional values. In other words – you can plan chokeberry tart as your special dish all year long!

Freeze Dried Cranberries

Some fruits, like strawberries, pineapples or grapes, are instantly connected to summer vibes. Cranberries, on the other hand, are commonly enjoyed in the winter time, as their most popular applications are tied to Christmas and Thanksgiving dishes and sauces. On the other hand, their zesty yet sweet flavour is widely sought after as an ingredient in baking bread or muffins, but also as a fantastic addition to cocktails or compotes. From Cosmopolitan to cranberry sauce – these delicious fruits are quite amazing with their variety of uses! But if you think that amazing taste and tradition is all there is to cranberries, you couldn’t be more wrong. While they are full of vitamins – and are amazing source of vitamin E as well as manganese! – cranberries are mostly recognized for being an astounding source of flavonols and quercetin. Both of these compounds are a group of chemicals known as polyphenols – naturally occurring substances, that are characterized  by their antioxidant properties. Consuming cranberries, either fresh or processed, can positively influence your immune system, reduce the negative effects of aging and even help in cancer prevention! On top of that, cranberries are widely known as being effective in preventing UTIs – urinary tract infections. All of these benefits of fresh berries can still be found in their freeze dried form that we offer you – after all, the preservative process of lyophilisation only removes water and helps keeping the fruit fresh and delicious.

Freeze Dried Mango

Nothing says “exotic” quite as much as mango does. It has a rich, distinctive sweetness that can’t be mistaken for anything else. Whether we are talking ice-cream, desserts, jams, alcoholic beverages, pickles – mango will always put a tropical, delicious twist on it. Worldwide mango desserts are gaining more and more popularity each year, but cuisines such as Indian or Bengali shows us that it is not uncommon to add mango to savoury dishes – curries, beef, burgers or hot sauces. Combinations of sweet and salty are also very popular, so a fragrant, soy sauce-glazed mango can surely brighten up your boring salads with a unique twist! As you might imagine, it would be impossible to list all of the possibilities when it comes to this delicious treat. So let’s instead focus on the fact, that despite the sweet, fruity taste, mangoes are famous for their very high vitamin B9 content. It's also known as folacin, this vitamin is necessary in our everyday diet. This natural chemical compound helps regulating our hormonal balance, secures our nervous system and even helps with overall cardiovascular health. It is worth noting that it's especially important during pregnancy, so mangoes are a great addition to your menu! While fresh mangoes can get pricy and hard to get during winter and spring, and canned fruit are never quite as good, we present to your our freeze-dried mango. It is a perfect ingredient in your new breakfast routine, as it pairs with shakes, smoothies, cereal or pancakes; if you prefer to go off-beat, then how about mango purée or jam as a secret ingredient in your next baking experiment? The possibilities are endless with these lyophilized mango cubes!

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